Book 5 : Baby Star Went to School

Book 5 : Baby Star Went to School

Baby Star lived with his mummy and daddy in the sky. Baby Star was bored and wanted to go to school to learn new things. One day, he sat on a branch of a tree dreaming of school. Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind that blew him off onto a passing car!  A small girl was going to school with her mummy. When they reached the school, the girl put him into her school bag. In class, the first subject was art. The girl took out some paper and paint. She put Baby Star on the table. Baby Star dipped his foot into the colour and started to paint too. When the school bell rang Baby Star walked by a music room. He saw many musical instruments and picked up some instruments to play. The teachers and students came out of their classes to listen to Baby Star’s music. Baby Star’s parents heard his beautiful music and found him again. Baby Star left the school with them. Everyone cheered Baby Star. At last, Baby Star had a wonderful day at school! 

Moral of the story: When you want to learn anything, you should really put your heart into it. Find your talent. 


04 July 2017


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