Book 4 : Baby Star's New friend

Book 4 : Baby Star's New friend

There was a small girl who lived with her mummy and daddy in a small hut. One day, the girl came to a clearing in a forest. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, blowing some gold dust onto her hair, turning her hair to golden! Her mummy combed her hair and collected the dust to sell at the market. One day, the girl decided to find out where the gold dust came from. She took a tall ladder and put it against a tall tree. She looked among the leaves and saw a small star sitting on a branch, crying sadly. Its tears were made of gold dust! The little girl became friends with the star (Baby Star). From that day, Baby Star and the little girl played together every day. The gold dust stopped falling from the sky. Although the girl’s parents did not get any more gold dust to sell, they were happy that their child had a good friend.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, friendship and happiness is more important than other things.


04 July 2017


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