Book 3 : Baby Star Went to the zoo

Book 3 : Baby Star Went to the zoo

One day, Baby Star went for a walk alone and was lost. Suddenly, he saw a small girl walking. Baby Star quickly lay down on the ground and pretended to be dead. The girl brought him home up thinking that he was a pretty toy. One day, the girl’s family visited the zoo. Baby Star saw a lot of people looking at an animal with a long neck. He jumped onto the animal’s neck and slid down. Baby Star went to another cage which contained a four-legged animal with orange and black stripes. Then, he walked passed an aquarium and saw a tank of yellow starfish. Baby Star was so happy because he thought he had found his parents! He tried to hug the starfish but he was shooed away! Next, he passed a stable. There was a donkey who offered him a ride on his back if he was untied. Baby Star was home again after a great adventure.

Moral of the story: If you help others, others may help you in return.


04 July 2017


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